My testimony
It was a dream that changed my life. I was fourteen years old when I had a dream. I saw myself with my two friends in front of a “person” who had the Book of Life in his hand. The message was very clear: I have to accept Jesus as Lord of my life if I want to gain eternal life. After a week of thinking and praying I accepted Jesus into my heart. Five years later, He talked to me again by a dream about the call that He has planned for me.

My Family
I was born in Syria, into a Christian family. My grandmother, with thousands of Armenians, was exiled to Syria during the Armenian Genocide.
I am the youngest child in my family. I have a brother and two sisters. In September 29, 2007, I married Garabet (Garo) Nazarian. We have a daughter, Agape, 14 years old, Krikor 4 years old, and John 1 year old.

Spiritual Growth
When I was fourteen years old, I started to attend an Armenian brotherhood church. It was the place where I learned the foundations of faith and spiritual life. For more than fifteen years I served among people who really had hearts to love and serve their community.
I was sixteen years old when the church leaders encouraged me to lead our ladies’ worship meetings to which over 350 ladies came. God called me to work in His field from a young age and I responded to His call.

Immigrating to Canada
In 2012 the Syrian war expanded to our city Aleppo. By the time the explosions started, we were low in water, the electricity cut out very often and there was a lack of food. This was just the beginning of the war. It was a harsh time for all of us. Our city was destroyed and everywhere was very dangerous, even if we needed to go to the grocery store. We started to lose our church members and cousins. We were praying day and night for a stop to that massive war, but it was getting worse. Soon, we realized that we should leave Aleppo and we did. We went to Turkey and we lived there for two and a half years. After waiting for such a long time we knew that we should go to Lebanon if we wanted to immigrate to Canada. After spending a year in Beirut we arrived in Montreal in December of 2015.
Yes, it was a long and risky journey, but at the same time it was full of amazing testimonies where we experienced the pillar of cloud that guided us.

Syrian Armenian Ministry in Montreal
When I was in Lebanon, I worked full time for YFC Lebanon with Syrian refugees. About a year after my arrival in Montreal, the Youth Unlimited team asked me to join their team. It was my pleasure to continue to be a part of the big YFC family.
I am serving the Syrian Armenian youth who also came to Montreal during the war. Our meetings take place at the First Armenian Evangelical Church every Saturday.
I am grateful for each one of these youth who are making a difference in their communities.

Until we all reach unity in the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. (Ephesians 4:13)


Home address: 4310 Place Gendreau Laval H7T 2C8

Montreal Youth Unlimited

Telephone:   514.962.0377

• Please pray for Osanna and her ministry. Attend the monthly missions prayer meetings to learn of her current prayer requests
• Send her a note of encouragement from time to time.
• If you know of a church which has Armenian, Arab or Turkish people who are attending and they want to have a youth group, please contact Osanna.
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