Welcome to the Lord’s Table and to our Communion Service!

The Communion Service offers us a unique opportunity to “Remember” the sacrifice of Jesus at the time of His Passion and Death on the cross, as well as to reflect on the many examples of Love and Mercy which He gave us throughout His Life and Ministry on earth. During the first part of this simple Service, the Chairperson (he or she) will bring a short reflection; a devotional; and perhaps a Bible reading; which along with a selection of Hymns and Praise songs, will help us to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. A brief time is set aside for people to respond as they are led by the Holy Spirit – we call this the “Open Time” and it follows the Brethren tradition which recognizes the “Priesthood of all Believers”. This now leads us into the Lord’s Supper itself, and all believers are welcome to partake. “Servers” will give thanks for the Bread (which represents the Body of Christ given for us); break it, and distribute it. Likewise the cups of juice (representing the New Covenant in His Blood), after a prayer of thanksgiving, will be served to the congregation. We take of these elements together, in unison. In doing this “We Proclaim the Lord’s Death until He Comes”. We close this time of worship and remembrance in the giving of our tithes and offerings. We are a Body of Believers and we now set aside a few minutes (we call it Body Life) to give people an opportunity to share items of Praise, and to bring needs before the congregation for prayer.