Montreal - our Jerusalem

 Anka Johow  Power to Change  https://p2c.com/p2c-students/
 Andy & Loni Smits  Power to Change  https://p2c.com/p2c-students/
 Allan & Dorothy Heron  Youth Unlimited  https://jslmontreal.org/allan-heron.php
 Osanna Jakmajian  Youth Unlimited
(Syrian refugees)
 Gary Croft  Youth Unlimited
 Asmick Jean-Jacques  Youth Unlimited
(La Corde)
 Natacha Morand  Youth Unlimited
(La Corde)
 Medad Ernest  Peoples Church of God Mission– Haïti  https://www.pcgmissionshaiti.org/
 Lise Lalonde  Awana  https://www.awanacanada.ca/
 Pierre & Alice LeBel  YWAM  https://ca.linkedin.com/in/pierre-lebel-89290840

Québec - our Judea

Dir: Rich Cameron
& Trish Mosher
 Frontier Lodge https://frontierlodge.org/
Fernand & Yolande Saint Louis  La Foi Vivifiante http://www.lfv.qc.ca/
Vincent & Caroline Lemieux  Assemblée Chrétienne de Rouyn-Noranda http://www.newsofquebec.org/quebec-workers-https://www.ac-rn.net
 L'Heure de la Bonne Nouvelle https://hbn.ca/
Directors : Greg & Pat MacMillan  Parkside Ranch https://parksideranch.com/

(the rest of) Canada - our Samaria

Ruth Lewis  Pioneer Ranch Camp https://ivcf.ca/people/ruth-lewis/
Stéphane & Jenny Joron  Pathway Camp Ministries https://pathwaycampministries.com/

to the ends of the Earth

Benji & Gill Daniel  MSC Canada https://www.msccanada.org/
Daniel & Vera Kuranji  C&M ALLIANCE
Donna Jordan  YWAM http://www.ywamcanada.org/
Fernando & Julia Jaimes  Commission To Every Nation Canada www.cten.org/FernandoJaimes
Helmut & Shirley Haltrich  MSC Canada https://www.msccanada.org/
Henk & Irene Wolthaus  Friends for Dinner https://friendsfordinner.ca
JM & Milly  Christar https://www.christar.ca/
Pete Worrall YWAM
 People's Church of God Missions Haiti https://www.pcgmissionshaiti.org/
Ramez & Rebecca Atallah  MSC Canada https://www.msccanada.org/
Tohru & Claire Inoue  SIM https://www.sim.ca/
Vae & Julie Eli  YWAM https://www.ywamassociates.com/about-us/board-of-directors/vae-and-julie-eli/

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