We represent different churches that come together to form Praise events in our community. Together we reach out and share the Gospel of Christ with our friends in the West Island. Praise events started back in 1993 just after the March for Jesus and it began with a small prayer group…Praise in the Park was the beginning, followed by Praise in the Plaza in local shopping centers, then into the Churches with Praise in the Pew. Eventually we settled on Praise in the Parlour (mostly local seniors residences and some palliative care centers) and have been visiting our seniors ever since. This is where we share the Gospel in word and song and spend time with our seniors… We plant seeds and our Heavenly Father blesses… God’s word never comes back empty. There are three seasonal programs, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and a Love program which we can use anytime during the year. Our presentation takes about an hour and we have between 15-20 venues a year. There are three churches represented with us wherever we go – sometimes a few more. We encourage our seniors to participate in the programs and sing with us… and we re-visit old friends and new ones to be… Many of our seniors are not able to get out to church. We know they appreciate our visits. We are blessed with wonderful singers, musicians, and faithful readers, wise and loving speakers and together we lift up the name of Jesus. We leave our programs as a gift to each resident so they can enjoy the scriptures and songs at home. We invite you to join us as we stand together in our community to share the Good News. For more information please contact Denise Johnston or Linda Hill.